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My name is Nadia Byczko and I am an interdisciplinary artist and designer. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2020 with a BFA in Fashion Design and studied Lunéville Embroidery at École Lesage in Paris, France in 2022. I worked as an Adaptive Clothing Designer right out of college and now work as a Technical Designer for Childrenswear and Adaptive Costumes.

As a designer I focus a lot on function, problem-solving, textile creation/manipulation, and tailoring. I create tactile work that is meaningful, purposeful and thoughtfully engineered. I primarily focus on adaptive design in my personal and professional work. I strive to be the most inclusive and ethically responsible designer that I can be, and I am very passionate about size-inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and Fair Trade. I have hope for the future and look forward to being able to help make positive change within the fashion industry.

You can contact me any time through my email and/or instagram that are both linked below!

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