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A Dollhouse is my Home

This size-inclusive, sustainable and versatile collection is an exploration of “home,” represented by the dollhouse my mother built me when I was three. Each look corresponds with each room, and each room represents specific people and places. The intricate, layered knit and embroidered details parallel with the warmth of the people that I love. The strong tailoring derives from the architecture of the places that I adore. This collection is dedicated to the people and places that make me feel like home. 


Thank you to my incredible models that I pattern-drafted and created custom sized garments for. It means so much to me that they were a part of my senior collection.


Thank you to my mom for being my model and my dad for being my photographer when we had to adapt and create a photoshoot at home.


Lastly, I’d like to thank my mom, dad, Stephen, Paul, Nonni, Pop, Zio Erminio, Grandma, Grumpy, Dagmar, and Izzy for making me feel like home.  This collection is for all of you.


Created Fall 2019-Spring 2020


Knitwear Collection

Created Fall 2018

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