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Your Royal Broccoli


Following the 2019 Met Gala theme, Camp Fashion, this gown is inspired by my favorite vegetable-- broccoli! The structure of the gown was inspired by the broccoli stalk. The top of the broccoli, aka the "broccoli crown," is what inspired the shape and texture of the ruffled piece as well as the title, Your Royal Broccoli. It combines humor and sophistication to create a dramatic look.

Created Spring 2019

Movement without Motion


I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and it has been a big part of my life. I reflected on all the photographs that I've had taken of me over the years while dancing in my costumes. I was inspired by the way the photographers captured the movement and created a snapshot of dancers in motion. I sculpted the fabric to hold a fluid shape while staying still to create that same feeling those photographs.

Created Spring 2019

Bridal Gown

This bridal gown is inspired by the generations of weddings within my family. I thought about my grandparents, my parents, and my aunt's and uncle's weddings. I also thought about my cousins' recent weddings and what future ones will be like for me and my other cousins. The lace detailing on the neck, waist and the tulle represent those 3 generations I was inspired by. I wanted to design something timeless and bring together the past and the future. I designed the veil to be incorporated into the gown instead of separate, so it is sewn into the top of the dress. On the other hand, the neck piece is separate from the gown. I was thinking about necklines and how the bride could have a high neck look without committing to a dress with full coverage. The bride could wear it during the ceremony and the reception even if she changes dresses, so she would have a piece with her during the whole event. The dress can also be worn without it, and it could be worn with another look, so the bride has a few options!


Created Spring 2019

Party Dress

Non-Textile gown made of deconstructed party decorations and trash bags.

Created Spring 2018