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Time for Change

Transformable and adaptable shoes designed to be worn in response to different climates and natural disasters.

Created Spring 2020

The Event Collection

Sports arenas/stadiums/etc, theaters, museums, airports and concert venues all have specific requirements for what types of purses people can bring. This collection of purses were designed to fit the requirements for all of those places.

The visual inspiration came from a painting I did during the fall of 2016, (on the first page), and the gray building in the back is part of the is the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. 


Created Spring 2020

Shade at the Garden Party

Handmade hat

Created Fall 2019

Intersection of Art and Design

I created this symbol of half of a needle and thread with half of a paintbrush with a brushstroke to represent my love for fine arts and fashion and how I intertwine them. The backpack itself is a good example of how I like to do this. I drafted and created the backpack and painted/embroidered the the needle/paintbrush onto it, so the entire piece encompasses the symbol.

Created Fall 2016